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“We have been battling a pretty severe leak for 14 years now. We bought our home new and the 1st spring brought lots of wind with rain. I noticed a wet spot in the living room ceiling, the next day more bad weather and we had water coming down our living room window like a waterfall. I’m grabbing towels and buckets, what a mess!

I called the builders since we were still under our one-year WARRANTY.

Well they sent the roofers out because my husband believed it was a flashing problem. The roofers said “no way is that our problem, that’s the window people’s responsibility.” So I called the builder and they sent out the window people and they said “oh that’s not our problem our windows don’t leak. That’s the siding peoples problem.” Again we called the builders and yes they sent out the siding people. And you can guess what they said, “oh no that’s not our problem that’s the roofers mistake.” This went on and on, finally the roofers extended a part of a eve that goes above our L.R. window and caulked it. Well it didn’t leak for 1 season.

I thought the problem had been resolved, but it was not. So I called a handyman who said we had holes the size of quarters in our flashing. He claimed he had fixed the problem. Two years went by, then one stormy night came along and I heard water dripping, and sure enough I opened the blinds and water was dripping down my window. WOW!!!

That’s when I decided we needed to call in the professionals. I contacted Deever Roofing. I explained the problem I’d been dealing with and they sent out a team of specialists, found the problem immediately and explained everything to me, and what they found and how they were going to resolve my 14 year old problem.

It took about 2 hours and the job was done, they were efficient, cleaned up after they were done. The best part, they were reasonable and I’m confident I won’t be leaking anymore.”

Thank You Deever Roofing

A Satisfied Customer, Shirley Waldron